Karla Clark

  • The New Aristocrats- Harper's Bazaar Australia hile researching any already existing editorials where the styling was heavily influenced by the Victorian Era, I came across this editorial. It gave me a lot of inspiration for how I would myself style outfits for my publication.
  • I enjoy how Karla Clark styled the models with rich and deep colours that exude power and royalty. 
  • There seems to be a good link between the chosen surroundings and the garments itself.
  • I especially like how there is a mixture of shapeless clothing and tighter clothing to juxtapose each other. 
  • Using a variety of coats is an aspect I want to incorporate into my styling as coats are quite oversized and shapeless. 

Ethan James Green

Robbie Spencer

Alister Mackie

  • Prominently works for menswear magazines
  • The styling is simple yet strong
  • it's got both a 'boy' and 'man' style. What Imean here is that the styling is ery clean but there are elements of playfulness in it. 

Eugène Atget

[Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eugène_Atget,_Chiffonier_-_Getty_Museum.jpg]

  • Attention on the man and the vehicle due to the blurred background
  • Day to day life- normal every day life
  • Everyday people- the ragpicker
  • The ragpicker is not very high in society (they can easily be replaced by own or horses) so as the ragpicker is the main subject of this photograph- bearing in mind that a photograph taken at that time was not instant and took a lot of planning and waiting- it creates a statement. There's a purpose behind choosing to photograph the ragpicker. What could be that purpose? I think it enables the viewer to get a closer look into the life in Paris at the time. He is putting importance in the simple everyday aspects of  life there.


[image source from: http://monovisions.com/eugene-atget/]

  • I found this particularly compelling as the image looks like it was taken instantly- in the sense that it captures a moment of daily life. However, I know that taking photographs at that time took a long time to shoot and so this scene had to be set up. 
  • He is very good at creating scenes that look natural- staged environment that looks natural. Could this be because the models are comfortable in the environment?


[image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eugène_Atget_-_L%27Éclipse,_avril_1912_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg]

  • The photograph depicts a crowd averting their gaze to look at the solar eclipse
  • Atget has focused on the crowd over the solar eclipse that had caught their attention- why? 
  • Touches on the simple things in life

August Sander

  • access the soul
  • portrait photographer
  • tells a "story" "personality"
  • ordinary/average people that he cleverly places in a frame to create a narrative
  • professional/ industry/identities

Boris Mikhailov

  •  captured a country at a time of change
  • focuses on the real aspects of the country ie homeless/outcasts/tramps
  • controversial- he pays people in poverty to act as a character essentially. He pays them to act poor. 

Victorian Era clothing styles

  • I decided to conduct some secondary research on actual garment trends in the Victorian era. I focused on Female garments but did not hesitate to wander around in the male section of the books to gather more information on the common silhouette and most prominent features present in this era such as frill and voluminous shapes. 
  • Rather than going through the internet for this research, I figured looking through books would be much more insightful, giving me all the information I needed.
  • During the research, I focused on the shape/form and patterns of the garments such as where it cinches in and where the fabric is allowed to be loose.
  • trends noticed:
  • -Voluminous skirts
  • -lots of frills 
  • -ruelle
  • -tight waist, corsets
  • tight upper body and loose bottom body
  • long skirts that touch the floor
  • neck ruffles
  • lace

 As further research, I started to look at the Chinese dynasty as well to maybe incorporate some aspects of the Chinese Era into my styling. I decided that having Chinese makeup bt predominantly Victorian-inspired styling (in terms of garments) would work out well as Chinese makeup is both bold and very distinct. 

  • RED
  • forehead pattern in red- similar to leaves/flower petals
  • ornate hair pieces, hair usually sleeked back 
  • hair is always up
  • bright red lipstick
  • winged eyeliner 

Jennifer Pattison

Venetia Scott

Anna Dello Russo

Edward Enninful

William Eggleston

[image from: https://www.timeout.com/london/art/william-eggleston-four-things-to-know-about-the-king-of-colour-photography]

  • Colour the leading part of the image- colour telling a story
  • Colour is the subject
  • CINEMATIC- looks at the world at a grand view
  • Elevates subjets